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Women use people’s thirst for revenge as new business-idea!

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Ever wanted to get back at someone but didn’t really have enough guts to push through with it yourself? Well, now you can hire someone else to do the dirty deed for you. Two women in LA opened a Revenge-For-Hire Business and looks like business is doing good.

Personally, I don’t think I would go so far as paying someone to wreak havoc on my “enemies” but it makes me think of creative ways you can attain vengeance. Share if you have any good ones!


Pepsi does WHAT??!!

September 30, 2009 1 comment

“Guess what? Pepsi’s going to stop making ads!” My husband exclaimed as he entered the room to wake me up for the morning rush.

Since my mind was still in typhoon-relief-operations mode, my answer was: “Why? So they can donate all that money to flood victims?”

I thought I was still half-asleep and dreaming and I thought he was being sarcastic–until I checked out THIS ARTICLE:

Click on the image to view the article

Click on the image to view the article


But I like Pepsi ads!

I might not like their drink–except for Pepsi Boom (Europe’s version of Pepsi Max), which I had encountered and enjoyed very much in Italy–but I like their ads.

To me, the Pepsi branding = cool, hip, and funky; Coke = family, friends, feel-good old-fashioned values.

In the article which you have yet to read, PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi was quoted as saying: “You can’t taste an ad, anyway… People are going to make up their own minds regardless of whether we spend millions trying to inform them that Taylor Swift drinks Pepsi. I mean, seriously, does it really matter if Taylor Swift drinks Pepsi? She’s just a human being like everybody else.”

This is a brave, bold move that Pepsi is making–an assertion that its brand will remain strong and in demand in spite of zero advertising. This could also signal a new direction in brand communications and corporate imaging–one that might leave more money for corporate do-gooding.


Thoughts and lessons from someone who had his room flooded – chest high.

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Amidst the crazy flooding happening in the Philippines, here’s one post from a friend of mine who was able to look at the brighter side of things…

Thoughts and lessons from someone who had his room flooded – chest high.

by Fritz Gerald Ong Chan

1. Train the helpers to not panic in emergency situations and tell you PERSONALLY the problem at hand.

2. There IS a BLACK SWAN. – In the history of our village since 1982, they have not experienced any form of flood… until now.

3. Your decisions in the first 10 minutes of the situation will define how well you have handled the situation.

4. There are 2 very good reasons why circuit breakers should be accessible and located in an elevated position
a. For your own protection – When turned off, there is no chance that the flood could electrocute someone when they are in the water.
b. Save your things – You actually HAVE a CHANCE to save your things.

5. Make it a point to have at least one phone landline that is not dependent on electricity (e.g. wireless phones and fax machines) – All our phone lines were wireless

6. Only Globe and Smart provide reliable service during emergency disasters … ehem.. ehem. – you really get what you pay for

7. A flooded room helps you remove the things/garbage that you always owned – very efficiently

8. In a flooded room, EVERYTHING floats. – Cool!

9. When your electronic device/gadget gets wet follow the following process
a. Remove device from water
b. Wipe device
c. Open the insides of the device and vacuum the water contents (Optional)
d. Close the device and soak it in rice (it is the best alternative to silica gel to absorb moisture)
e. Only try turning on your device after a day or two when you are sure that the inside is already dry.

10. When in doubt, google it – taught me how to disassemble my electronics and give them a fighting chance to be revived.

11. It is not hard to disassemble a PS3 – you just need a lot of space and tools

12. A life is much more important than your things – We saved our dog, Mishy, first and foremost

13. Safety first – we must recognize that possessions are only materials things that we are only PRIVILEGED/BLESSED to have. Never risk the life of another for material possessions – hehe that’s why I wasn’t able to save most of my things… my poor PS3 and TV hehe

14. Be thankful to God for the safety of everyone.

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Make Money Online

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I recently discovered the awesome that is Squidoo. If you haven’t tried it, check it out and make your own lens – that’s Squidoo-speak for focused blog “pages” about specific topics. There’s a lot of really useful information in there and lots of fun stuff, too. But what really caught my eye is how the Squidoo folks have set up the money-making backend. I think it’s one of the most straightforward and simple ways to earn online – short of selling your own products via Ebay for example.

Watch the video below and click on the link shown at the end to get a free step-by-step guide on how to make money on Squidoo.

“Good is Sexy”

September 29, 2009 3 comments

“Good is getting really sexy,” says Ben Goldhirsh, the 26-year-old heir to his father Bernie Goldhirsh’s magazine publishing fortune.

Goldhirsh early this year launched Good Magazine, a publication that uses its $20 subscription fee to support causes that the reader chooses from, such as UNICEF, Creative Commons, and many others. In its first two weeks alone, Good garnered about 6,500 subscriptions.

Click on the image to view the website

Click on the image to view the website

According to an article by Canada-based THE GLOBE AND MAIL:

“Goldhirsh says that for too long, good has been mired in a soft, sacrifice-based mentality, where ‘do-gooder’ is a pejorative. ‘That’s a problem for us. We see people doing good as the most impressive, sexy, interesting people around,’ he says, adding that those who meld idealism with pragmatism will get the most glowing coverage in his mag.”

Of the “phenomenon” of doing good, executive coach and author Julia Moulden says:

“… I feel there’s an unfinished revolution welling up inside of us. Our ideals had been covered over by our busy lives–careers and raising families. Now that we’ve got more time and are at midlife, many of us believe our greatest contribution is ahead of us and we want to make the second half of our lives about doing good in our communities and the world.”

The recent tragedy that has befallen the Philippines saw people and institutions from all parts of the world rushing to help the calamity-striken country. Regardless of their social standing, citizens from all parts of the country have been mobilizing on the ground and online, proving that philanthropy and charity aren’t just for the old and affluent.

Good is hip, good is sexy, and it’s certainly life-saving.


A hero rises amidst the heavy downpour – Stories from the Floodgrounds

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Manila Philippines flood ondoy ketsana

Despite the gloomy weather in the Philippines, despite the tragedies, despite the sadness, in times of trials, true heroes will emerge.

As Martin Luther King III said: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”

A hero rises amidst the heavy downpour. Muelmar Magallanes saves 30 lives before losing his own.


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Productivity App Automates your Software Updates

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Here’s a really useful tool: TechTracker ! It’s a nifty little app that will scan your computer for any outdated software. You won’t need to check every single program on your computer to find out if they need to be updated. Plus: Works for both PC and Macs.