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Thoughts and lessons from someone who had his room flooded – chest high.

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Amidst the crazy flooding happening in the Philippines, here’s one post from a friend of mine who was able to look at the brighter side of things…

Thoughts and lessons from someone who had his room flooded – chest high.

by Fritz Gerald Ong Chan

1. Train the helpers to not panic in emergency situations and tell you PERSONALLY the problem at hand.

2. There IS a BLACK SWAN. – In the history of our village since 1982, they have not experienced any form of flood… until now.

3. Your decisions in the first 10 minutes of the situation will define how well you have handled the situation.

4. There are 2 very good reasons why circuit breakers should be accessible and located in an elevated position
a. For your own protection – When turned off, there is no chance that the flood could electrocute someone when they are in the water.
b. Save your things – You actually HAVE a CHANCE to save your things.

5. Make it a point to have at least one phone landline that is not dependent on electricity (e.g. wireless phones and fax machines) – All our phone lines were wireless

6. Only Globe and Smart provide reliable service during emergency disasters … ehem.. ehem. – you really get what you pay for

7. A flooded room helps you remove the things/garbage that you always owned – very efficiently

8. In a flooded room, EVERYTHING floats. – Cool!

9. When your electronic device/gadget gets wet follow the following process
a. Remove device from water
b. Wipe device
c. Open the insides of the device and vacuum the water contents (Optional)
d. Close the device and soak it in rice (it is the best alternative to silica gel to absorb moisture)
e. Only try turning on your device after a day or two when you are sure that the inside is already dry.

10. When in doubt, google it – taught me how to disassemble my electronics and give them a fighting chance to be revived.

11. It is not hard to disassemble a PS3 – you just need a lot of space and tools

12. A life is much more important than your things – We saved our dog, Mishy, first and foremost

13. Safety first – we must recognize that possessions are only materials things that we are only PRIVILEGED/BLESSED to have. Never risk the life of another for material possessions – hehe that’s why I wasn’t able to save most of my things… my poor PS3 and TV hehe

14. Be thankful to God for the safety of everyone.

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