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A new network I’d like to add to and GAIN from

Click on this image to visit the BGN website

Click on this image to visit the BGN website

I just registered for Brain Gain Network, “an online networking and productivity tool that connects talented professionals and students interested in helping to increase the global competitiveness of Philippine industries”. I learned about this a few years back when, while at the Ayala Young Leaders Congress, I listened to the talk of Dr. Paco Sandejas, a young Electrical Engineering genius from Stanford with big dreams for the Philippines and who, unfortunately, some know only as “the husband of (local celebrity) Christine Jacob”.

Through this initiative, Sandejas and his team hope to connect Filipinos abroad–many of whom have graduate degrees and have a good professional background–with local talent to boost Philippine competitiveness and create more opportunities within the country.

Here’s a short excerpt from their website:

“While always promoting entrepreneurial initiative and a can-do-attitude, BGN seeks to convert the “brain drain” into a “Brain Gain” through the following activities: building an extensive membership database of highly-skilled, experienced and motivated individuals; facilitating communication and cooperation among them; and, providing the necessary online (and occasionally off-line) productivity tools in order for them to make entrepreneurial ideas a reality. For example, the projects might be NGO consultancies for tech transfer to Philippine companies, consultations between government and private sector leaders, university consortia for the advancement of engineering education, or the actual formation of start-up ventures in need of venture capital funding.”

It was interesting enough to get me started, and it might be interesting for you, too. Why not check it out and start brain-gaining? 🙂

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