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Social Media say: Women Rule!

A recent study by social media expert Brian Solis shows that women rule the social media universe.

Here are some stats:

Photo by Fanelli Photography, in Getty Images

Photo by Fanelli Photography, in Getty Images

Male: 43%
Female: 57%

Male: 48%
Female: 52%

Male: 41%
Female: 59%

Male: 45%
Female: 55%

Male: 36%
Female: 64%

Male: 41%
Female: 59%

Male: 43%
Female: 57%

Male: 45%
Female: 55%

Male: 34%
Female: 66%

Male: 43%
Female: 57%

(More info is available in THIS POST)

In his other post called “Revealing the People Defining Social Networks”,  Solis asserts that: “As marketers, it’s your responsibility to peel back the layers of each network to observe and eventually interact with the very people you wish to reach. Each network possesses a vibrant culture and ecosystem that is powered by context and connected by influential social graphs.”

So what does it mean that many of the world’s top social networks are dominated by women?

Photo by Stockbyte, for Getty Images

Photo by Stockbyte, for Getty Images

These numbers seem to reflect the real-world tendency of women to create connections, nurture networks, build relationships, and define cultures. In the real world, it’s our mothers who shape our households; it’s mostly women who hold key positions in human resources; and it’s women who define lifestyle choices and shopping habits.

The September 21, 2009 issue of Newsweek, entitled “The Female Factor: How the untapped spending power of women could save the world from recession”, says just that. Women don’t only rule the social media universe; they seem to be ruling the real world, too.

One article in this issue says this:

“It’s seismic stuff, and the impact of the shift—one that few leaders, either in the political world or in business, have fully grasped—will be broad and deep. An August report by Goldman Sachs entitled ‘The Power of the Purse’ proclaims women the economic engine of the future, noting that future spending by women, which tends to focus more on health, education, and children’s well-being, ‘should support the development of human capital’ to a greater extent than spending by men, thus ‘fueling economic growth in the years ahead.’ At the same time, the report notes, economic growth continues to bolster gender equality, a virtuous circle that has already had massive impacts on the status of women around the world.”

This is, indeed, good news for women everywhere. But for some of us, it’s something we’ve known all along. *Wink* 😛

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