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An Inspiring Video on Failure and Imagination

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Listen to JK Rowling, author of the best-selling Harry Potter book series, delivers her Commencement Address, “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination,” at the Annual Meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association.

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo.


A Sexy Ad!

October 20, 2009 2 comments

At first, you suspect it’s another men’s apparel ad.

Duplicating a Post – A Moving Video!

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

This one is something that changes how people feel toward painting, particularly this type of painting.

Watch this video and be moved with every emotion in the artist’s strokes.

Did You Know?

October 10, 2009 Leave a comment

If you don’t… then watch this…

WEBSITE: Did you know 2008 3.0

A new generation of entrepreneurs is congregating in “co-working”

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

WOW! So a new breed of entrepreneurs are pooling together to co-exist in office spaces. Not only does it allow for more productive surroundings, but it also pushes for meeting like-minded individuals!

Imagine an office where everyone is the boss. Everyone there has a different profession, yet may still be useful to one another. This is the future start-up entrepreneur! WOW Solo, But Not Alone – A new generation of entrepreneurs is congregating in “co-working” spaces across the country.

Quote of the Day

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Photo by Ryan McVay, for Getty Images

Photo by Ryan McVay, for Getty Images

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (author, humanist)

Awkward Moments in Facebook “Likes”

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Social media is now one of the most important tools in your personal and professional life… but only if you use it the right way….

4 Awkward Moments in Facebook “Likes”